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own Federation of trade unions to our condolences to the high temperature workers

2017-07-11 0

High temperature day continuously, which bring a big challenge to the company's production, serious Fangshujiangwen, and ensure the safety during the high temperature, the majority of people's health and high temperature during the afternoon of August 4th, the town of union president Chen Xiaochun came to our condolences to the injection molding temperature of job shop workers, will be heatstroke drugs, shower gel, shampoo and other summer supplies into the hands of employees.

Chen, a detailed understanding of the work of the staff and workers at high temperatures, and told the company attaches great importance to the implementation of measures to cool down the high temperature workshop, make the greatest efforts to provide the necessary facilities, to ensure production safety, let employees feel cool and care.

Our company has taken various effective measures, issued camphoradin, dragon Dan, balm and other heatstroke drugs to employees, and the cooling fan installed in the injection workshop invested million yuan, the purchase of the floor exhaust fan positions needed, to maximize the improvement of production workshop and the post operation environment, ensure the temperature during the physical and mental health of employees.

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